Weekend gateaway: Cancun Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½Β 

Hello lovelies!!! Back with something different today- a travel Blog!!!! as I mentioned in my previous blog I travelled to Cancun, Mexico with my sis Anna.j Gaucamole and chips- my favorite. Every time I go to a Mexican restaurant the first thing I ask for is Gauc, salsa and chips. And this was the first... Continue Reading →


Minimal Slay

Hello Lovelies!!!! I know I know. I have been missing in action for some weeks now but that's because I was going through so much. I lost my brother and my cousin in less than 2 weeks and I had to take a break because I needed time to mourn and get my life together.... Continue Reading →


Hello lovelies!!! I hope everyone is having a good week. I am not really looking forward to the weekend because school starts on Monday. In today's post I will be sharing another elegant outfit. Flared or wide leg pants have been in style for a while and I really love the way they look on.... Continue Reading →


Hello Lovelies!!!! If you are reading this on August 10th, it's my BIRTHDAY!!! I am super happy and I feel really blessed because these are the times when you are reminded of how special you are and it is really a blessing to be alive to witness yet another year. In todays post, I wanted... Continue Reading →

DATE NIGHT LOOK: Fuschia vibes πŸ’•

Hey guys!!! How's everyone doing? Well today, I have something totally different and as seen on the title it's a date night look or rather just a classy outfit that can be worn for an elegant occasion. As the saying goes, "pink makes everything beautiful" I surely did feel beautiful in this pink ruffled dress.... Continue Reading →

Collab: Kay Minya T-Shirt

  Hello Lovelies!! I hope everyone had a good weekend because I surely did. This is another sponsored blog post by Kay Minya. They were kind enough to collaborate with me by offering me this lovely T-shirt. So Kay Minya is an instagram based online store owned by two sisters (black girl magic). They sell... Continue Reading →

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